Saturday, September 17, 2011

douglas at the park

Douglas found a new friend at the park this evening. Her name is Gabriella.  She looked nothing like him, but the simple need to connect and find a playmate drew them together.

When does it stop being easy to make friends? When do we become inhibited and begin to doubt ourselves? When do we stop accepting that anyone can be a friend, and when we do we start noticing the differenece between ourselves and others? When does skin color, gender, fashion, fads,etc  become more important than having a companion to play alongside with?

She was a cute little girl. She had strength in her.  Towards the end of their playtime, she came up to me and complained: He keeps running away. I stopped from telling her:  sorry baby, some times they run away just when you most want them around. Get used to it.

I told her instead: go try to catch him.

I hope my son lives his whole life never pausing to look only at the surface of people.

And I pray to God for forgiveness that I have become a parent and am allowing myself to make decisions about people based only on what I see.