Friday, November 4, 2011

Just a lot of whining. . .

I picked up my kiddos in the 5 o'clock hour. We went to IHOP for dinner, 'cause Daddy is away, so we shall play and go to restaurants he hates. After dinner, I took my kids back to work with me. I think my son enjoyed the empty hallways more than my 13 year old did. But I did NOT enjoy having to attend to them as I tried to clear my desk of the piles of paper threatening to start the next wildfire. I was able to get some things off the to do list. The sad (funny?) thing is that I could go back another day this weekend and still have tons to do. So here it is, 8  at night: we've all just gotten home. I am exhausted. My back hurts, and the last thing I want to do is go back there tomorrow morning. BUT there's a volunteer opportunity available. My daughter would like to do it because she's a good kid. I normally would be all for this, but after spending 10 hours in that building, I just don't want to go back!!

All I really want is to just BE for a bit. BUT : the laundry calls, the Halloween decorations need to be put away, Girl Scout emails need to be read, dishes need to be washed. . . 

And thus, the Calgon commercials were born.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

douglas at the park

Douglas found a new friend at the park this evening. Her name is Gabriella.  She looked nothing like him, but the simple need to connect and find a playmate drew them together.

When does it stop being easy to make friends? When do we become inhibited and begin to doubt ourselves? When do we stop accepting that anyone can be a friend, and when we do we start noticing the differenece between ourselves and others? When does skin color, gender, fashion, fads,etc  become more important than having a companion to play alongside with?

She was a cute little girl. She had strength in her.  Towards the end of their playtime, she came up to me and complained: He keeps running away. I stopped from telling her:  sorry baby, some times they run away just when you most want them around. Get used to it.

I told her instead: go try to catch him.

I hope my son lives his whole life never pausing to look only at the surface of people.

And I pray to God for forgiveness that I have become a parent and am allowing myself to make decisions about people based only on what I see.

Friday, August 12, 2011


If someone never looks you in the eye when they speak with you or  to you and questions every comment or statement that comes out of your mouth, and if that person seems to want to walk away when you begin talking, doesn't that indicate that the person is truly uninterested and displeased with who you are as a person? Why continue to allow this relationship to continue? If it's within that person's power, why have they not placed their irritant somewhere that's far away? What's really sad and disgusting is that this person is the big kahuna and must be kept satisfied.  What's even sadder is that I continue to accept it and even sadly keep hoping for redemption, acceptance, and that ever elusive friggin' pat on the head.

I disgust me.

Or even more upsetting:

Is this all in my head?

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Make it work

I just dropped off my daughter at her summer day camp.  My son wore boxer briefs and a shirt. I am wearing a pair of my hubby's shorts.  Finding underwear was like going on a search in ravaged third world country.  I think it's time to get this laundry thing in hand.  But I have to say, my boy sure did work those briefs!

Monday, July 11, 2011

Bed issues

We got a brand new king sized bed.  What this means is that I now have to totally reconfigure our bedroom. Which means I have to re-organize my husband's closet to fit in that headboard which no longer fits, then move the other parts up to the "attic", and actually do someting with that pile of clothes I've been meaning to donate.  The chain reaction has begun.  The fun thing will be to see how much of this actually gets accomplished. 
HA HA to those of you who clicked on this link thinking that there was something sexy or interesting to read!